Target surfaces to maximise uptake and penetration

Calculating the right amount of odjuvant for the sprayer volume and area to be sprayed.

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Use a super-wetter to enhance frit fly control

Growers seeking to reduce frit fly damage in winter wheat are being advised to include a suitable adjuvant to improve insecticide efficacy levels and reduce the chances of needing to re-drill crops.

End of summer raises slug threat

Pellet choice is an important factor in determining the effectiveness of any control programme and research has shown that the better quality pellets made with high-grade durum wheat flour are more appetising to slugs and therefore more likely to deliver desirable results.

Use Pod-Stik to protect bean crops

Trials performed by the Processors & Growers Research Organisation (PGRO) found that applying Pod-Stik delivered a “consistent increase in yields compared with untreated crops”.

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