Hybrid Process

(active substance: metaldehyde)



Hybrid-Technology pellets are based on modified wet process system to further improve pellet durability in wet conditions while enhancing the palatability of the pellet compared to that from a dry process.

Compared with conventional dry process pellets, Hybrid-Technology pellets demonstrate greater all-round performance.

  • Suitable for all crops  – including potatoes and cauliflower

  • Enhanced robustness – effectively eliminating breakage during spreading

  • Dust free – no losses to the environment during handling and spreading

  • Uniform size and shape – More even and consistent spreading pattern

  • Durability – a significantly better resistance to rainfall disintegration

  • Persistence – more efficacious control of slugs 

A detailed GLP trial was carried out at an independent UK research centre to evaluate metaldehyde leaching from Hybrid-Technology pellets and typical dry pellets.  It demonstrated that Hybrid-Technology pellets released 40% less metaldehyde following rainfall than typical dry pellets.


  • Hybrid-Technology pellets contain 3% metaldehyde

  • 2.5mm diameter blue pellets

  • 90,000 pellets/kg

Guideline use:

  • 6kg/ha (provides 180g metaldehyde/ha).

  • Pack Size: 18kg

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