Accurately calibrate and test your slug pellet applicator

De Sangosse Placebo-Pellet ensures optimum results from your applicator. You’ll know exactly how it performs. And you’ll get the best from your valuable ‘live’ slug treatments.

TDS pellets without the active

Our placebo slug pellets are deliberately designed to resemble De Sangosse TDS products, yet contain no active substance.

They are for calibration and demonstration purposes only, and have no efficacy against any slug species found in the UK.

Essential for testing

All pellet applicators must have been NSTS tested ("MOT") by 26 November 2016, or before first use.  There is an ongoing obligation to test applicators every six years. 

Calibration should be carried out between every season and whenever there is a change of product.

This leaflet, courtesy of NSTS (National Sprayer Testing Scheme), will guide you.

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How to order

For ease of identification, Placebo-Pellet comes in a smaller 10kg bag than TDS products. Contact your usual distributor or call us on 01223 811215 for more information.