Wet Process

(active substance: metaldehyde)

The De Sangosse range of wet process pellets are so-called because unlike some other slug pellets they are produced using a wet manufacturing process that results in a pellet with greater consistency and durability.

Wet process pellets use food-grade flours to create a highly palatable pellet whilst adding water during formulation produces a pellet with no dust and able to resist wet weather.

The wet process allows protein and gluten molecules to chemically bind together in the bait.  This gives the pellets a good elasticity, similar to that of bread dough or pasta.  It means the pellets swell in humid conditions without crumbling.

The superior finish and pellet integrity of the wet process means pellets do not break at spreading, ensuring there is no loss to the environment through dust while the consistent size and density ensure an even spread pattern.

Wet process advantages:

  • Pellets with greater integrity – slugs are active in moist conditions. Wet process pellets last longer than conventional dry process pellets.

  • Crops are at risks for several days at germination – wet process pellets are more persistent and have more time to kill more slugs. Wet process pellets give extend protection compared with dry process pellets.

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