Starter Fertilisers

Seeds contain just enough nutrients to get them started, but this limited supply soon runs out. Unless the young plant is able to access a ready supply of nutrients its development will be curtailed with detrimental effects for its health and performance.

The ability to access nutrients soon after germination is further complicated by less than ideal seedbeds. Dry, cloddy or cold soils make it difficult for the weak roots of the seedling to access those elements essential for growth.

Starter fertilisers offer many advantages one of which is the ability to target nutrition where it is needed: because they are applied with the seed only small quantities are required – typically only a tenth of what would be applied to the surface. More efficient use also benefits the environment through reduced leaching.

What are they?

De Sangosse manufacture high quality micro-granular placement fertilisers at their purpose built plant. These products combine nitrogen and phosphorous with sulphur and zinc in a 98% soluble granule averaging only 1.0 mm in diameter.

The development of starter fertilisers, such as Primary-P, a micro granule which increases the amount of phosphorus available to the plant, has improved plant establishment rates while allowing greater flexibility of timing at planting.

What do they do?

Micro-granules are applied in close proximity to the seed at drilling, so that the nutrients are immediately available to the seedling as it germinates. This achieves a very high uptake efficiency of the fertiliser, especially of the least mobile nutrient components such as phospherous.

This encourages the young plants to grow rapidly and establish themselves in all soils, and under most conditions, powering them through the early growth stages when they are most susceptible to climatic stress and pest and disease damage.

Plant stands are established more quickly and with greater uniformity.

How are they applied?

Because the fertiliser is very effective at low rates (10-40 kg/ha), it is usually applied using a micro-granular fertiliser applicator (although some combi-drills can handle micro-granules as well as conventional fertiliser granules).

These meter the fertiliser accurately and place it in the drill furrow immediately surrounding the seed.

The retro-fit application (for conventional or pneumatic drills) have been designed to be easily mounted on existing equipment and to use land wheels or radar controlled electric motors to deliver hte correct amount of fertiliser into the seed furrow.

Crop Rate of use kg/ha
Oilseed rape** 10-20 kg/ha
Potatoes 30 kg/ha
Maize 20 kg/ha
Vegetables, brassicas 40 kg/ha

** Consult your distributor for the appropriate rate according to your establishment method.