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Pod-Stik: simply the best pod sealant available

Independent trials conducted by NDSM compared the yield differences of strip trials desiccated with glyphosate only and those treated with glyphosate plus one of six pod sealers. Using the variety Excalibur, crops treated with Pod-Stik yielded 0.5 tonnes per hectare more than untreated plots and 0.3 tonnes per hectare more than the next best performing pod sealer.

At £350/tonne, this saving is worth £175 per hectare.

Podstik Graph

The Cost Benefit of Pod-Stik

Podstik Graph

The seed saving needed to cover the cost of Pod-Stik is around 30kg/ha.
Potential yield saving from Pod-Stik application is on average 400kg/ha.
At £350/tonne this is worth £140/ha.

*Average results from nine independent trials

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