Seed Treatments

Seed Treatments

Seed treatments have become a vital tool in optimising the performance of plants used in modern crop production.


Ever since the ancient Egyptians began soaking seed in the sap of onion or cypress man has sought to enhance germination rates and boost plant establishment by giving the young seedling the best possible start.

Modern seed treatments have evolved considerably since the time of the Egyptians and now include protection against seedling diseases and harmful pests.

New Manganese Solution (NMS) is a unique seed treatment that makes Manganese immediately available to the seedling.

Radiate is a patented Zinc Complex for use in cereals and oilseeds that is proven to increase both root mass and rooting depth which improves the plant’s ability to access nutrients and moisture.

Across 54 cereal trials crops treated with Radiate produced an extra 0.5 t/ha in yield. However, in optimally managed crops average responses have been 0.8 t/ha.