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De Sangosse is a European leader in complementary chemistry and molluscicides
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Who Are We?

De Sangosse is a European leader in complementary chemistry and molluscicides providing growers with innovative new approaches to protecting crops against disease, pests and the effects of adverse weather from seed to harvest.

Based in Cambridgeshire, England, and headquartered in Agen, France, De Sangosse has been providing research-backed solutions for over 30 years.

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The key to successful slug control is down to the quality of the bait. Bait quality is determined by four characteristics...

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Pod Sealants

Pod sealers protect the yield of vulnerable crops, such as oilseed rape, peas and beans, by reducing the incidence of pod shatter...

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Adjuvants perform a variety of tasks, but their contribution to raising crop production performance can be summarised as helping to optimise the efficacy levels of agrochemicals...

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Water Conditioners

Water conditioners do not directly enhance the performance of an agrochemical, but by improving the properties of water they allow the active ingredient to perform as it is expected to do so.

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Crop performance and farm profitability is largely determined by the plant’s ability to satisfy its nutritional needs, lowering disease, increased pest tolerance and increased performance...

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BioFertilizers, BioControl, BioAdjuvants, and Management tools, allowing to Feed, Stimulate and Protect crops for a triple economic, social and ecological performance...

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Seed Treatments

Seed treatments have become a vital tool in optimising the performance of plants used in modern crop production. New Manganese Solution (NMS) makes Manganese immediately available and Radiate is a patented Zinc Complex...

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All ten members of the UK team manage the day-to-day operations

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We continually strive to innovate and adapt our extensive product range according to the needs of UK farmers, which means we are continually updating our technical information. As such we do not store product information on our website.

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