Bio-stimulants are materials which stimulate natural processes. Bio-control Solutions are pesticides derived from natural materials.

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The DeSangosse Bio-Solutions

Our DeSangosse Bio-Solutions comprise of two main areas; Bio-Stimulants are materials which stimulate natural plant processes that promote and improve nutrient uptake, abiotic stress tolerance, crop quality or yield

our lab showing plant nutrition research taking place
here our De Sangosse employees are showing our laboritory where we innovate agricultural solutions
we are proud to be at the cutting edge working with our farmers and agronomists
here we show plant and growth science in development

Our Family of Bio-Solutions

Bio-control solutions are pesticides derived from natural materials such as, plants, bacteria, and certain minerals. They work either on or in the crop plants to provide protection against certain pests

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A leader in France, Agronutrition is fully dedicated to plant nutrition and to the optimisation of agricultural production. Armed with over 55 years of solid experience, our teams have been designing innovative solutions since 1969 that ensure adapted and targeted nutrition from planting to harvest.


Our sister company, based near Carbonne, France, specialising in plant nutrition and bio-stimulation have developed an extensive range of products for all crop types.

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Servalesa's philosophy is based on understanding and studying nature, its balance and the needs of the farmers. Knowledge that we put at the service of agronomic research, thus achieving the most advanced technology for each crop management strategy


Servalesa, part of the de Sangosse Group are based in Valencia, Spain. They have developed a range of bio-nutriton, bio-stumualnts, and next generation neo-stimulants for applications in both specialist and broad-acre crops, supporting safe, sustainable and profitable production.

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We continually strive to innovate and adapt our extensive product range according to the needs of UK farmers, which means we are continually updating our technical information. As such we do not store product information on our website.

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