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Water quality issues? Introducing our market leading range of spray water conditioners

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Water Conditioners

A market leading range of spray water conditioners to deal with water quality issues.

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The First True Water-Conditioner, Introduced by De Sangosse

De Sangosse introduced the first true water-conditioner, X-Change and have since further developed a market leading range of spray water conditioners to deal with water quality issues which can stop the loss of pesticide performance.

Contributory Factors

Water quality is too often overlooked as an important factor in optimising pesticide performance, and water quality varies enormously in terms of:

  • Content of Calcium,
  • Magnesium and Other Cations
  • Total Water Hardness
  • The pH Property
          (Water Acidity / Alkalinity)

About Available Active Pesticide when Spraying

Water used for spraying may reduce the amount of available active pesticide in the spray solution in two ways;

  • Alkaline hydrolysis ,
  • ‘Lock up’ by cations
           - this can occur in regions of hard water

Dissolved Minerals in Hard Water

Hard water has a high concentration of dissolved minerals. Water gains the property of hardness as it percolates through the soil profile and its parent material dissolving the minerals present into their constituent ions .

Where the ion carries a negative charge they are known as anions. Where the ion carries a positive charge they are know as cations, and it’s the presence of calcium (Ca²⁺) and magnesium (Mg²⁺ ) that give the greatest contribution to water hardness.

Many areas of the UK have a hard water supply, and these areas correlate with the main combinable crop production regions of the UK. This is also the area that the greatest % of crop protection products are used and why water hardness is so important to consider.

A visual representation of the water alkalinity scale with regard to crop spraying in agriculture

Alkaline Hydrolysis

Alkaline water has a high pH. This is to say that the pH is more than 7.0.

As pH increases numerically, the hydroxyl (OH⁻) ion concentration increases accordingly, and it’s OH⁻ ions that are responsible for the degradation of susceptible pesticides. The higher the pH value, the more rapid the degradation of susceptible pesticides.

alkaline hydrolysis the ph scale explaining why soil and water acidity is important in farming

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